Live music makes your celebration
unforgettable and charming! So choose it right.

Since 2007 we offer lots of unique live music projects for your event. You can choose from live Jazz and Popular dance music to unique projects such as „Karaoke LIVE“ where you become the main star with the real band of professional musicians.

We specialize in live music so we offer well known Lithuanian instrumentalists and famous singers, who are strong in performing and also entertaining.

We believe that live music must be presented as technically professional as
possible. That is why we offer full concert sound, light and staging rental services for your events.



Live Music projects

Unique live music projects for corporate events and personal celebrations- weddings and birthdays. You can choose from lots of live music projects performed by well known Lithuanian, Latvian and Georgian singers.


Sound & Light Equipment Rental Services

We offer professional sound and light rental services for live music concerts in corporate events, weddings and night club performances.



Experienced, universal DJ’s for private events to fulfill events musical background and dancefloor.

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